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Future Of The Left release Manchasm
April 28, 2008, 1:27 pm
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Got ‘Manchasm’ the new Future Of The Left cd single in the mail today. Officially it has only been released as a 7 inch, but as I’m not a real vinyl junkie, I’d rather buy a promotional cd copy off eBay. Guess I’m just too lazy to keep turning that vinyl on my pick-up (oh yes, I still have a pick-up). Downside of buying the cd ofcourse is that you don’t get the artwork in the same large size as on the 7 inch. And FoTL always have great but slightly awkward artwork. Check out the Manchasm cover:

FoTL have something with cats. Hence the cat in the artwork I guess. I just realised that I even know the names of the cats of the FoTL members: Chicken, Colin and Morrissey. So I ask you: how on earth did thàt happen? Why on bloody earth do I manage to remember those cat names while I seem to be completely unable to remember the names of people I meet in real life? In one ear – out the other. I must have an overdeveloped ‘rock trivia’ part in my brain. I must ask my doctor if a lobotomy helps in this kind of cases. If I can remember to ask him that is.
Oh yeah, ‘Manchasm’ is a bloody great song. That’s basically all I wanted to say. Ramble on, ramble on…

Wahey, more kitties in the video:


Jane’s Addiction reunite
April 25, 2008, 8:24 pm
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Image my surprise when I read that Jane’s Addiction have reunited to pick up a Godlike Genius Award at the US NME-awards ànd play a 4-song set in their original line-up. 
The reunion comes as a surprise as after the last reunion in 2003 the band had fallen out again big time. And only a few months ago Dave Navarro had said that a new reunion wasn’t gonna happen again as the band members “did not get along on any level”. 
But the biggest surprise was that Wednesday’s reunion included Eric Avery – the original bass player. This was the first time in 17 years – Jane’s originally split up in 1991  – that he joined the band again. On all previous reunions Avery had refused to join the band again. Probably citing someting along the way that he’d rather set fire to his scrotum and run along Sunset Boulevard naked while being chased by a rampaging horde of rhinos on steroids, than standing on the same stage again with the bunch of idiots a.k.a. his former bandmates. And now all of a sudden he’s back and they’re even hinting that there might be some sort of future for JA after all. Wahey!

A couple of videos from the gig have already popped up on YouTube. It looks like Perry Farrell has managed to find some clothes that look like they were made by by a blind costume designer from ‘Cats’. He was probably thinking: “What looks even dumber than Dave Navarro’s nipple piercings? Mmm, I might wear a mansize black condom”. Nice going, Perry.

Portishead – We Carry On @ Later with Jools Holland
April 24, 2008, 9:31 pm
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I promise I’m not gonna make a habit out of stuffing this blog full of YouTube videos from ‘Later’ performances, but this Portishead track is just too good to ignore. The last 2 minutes of it are just pure bliss.

‘We Carry On’ is a song off the new Third album. You can check out the full album here: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/speler/luisterpaal/39506770

What not to do @ Art Brussels
April 23, 2008, 11:46 pm
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A final (I promise!) post about Art Brussels. Some artist (I don’t know his or her name and guess what: I don’t want to know) set up the following installation last weekend:

What the motives of the artist are I can only guess: trying to shock? I have to dissapoint him/her: nobody seemed shocked.
Maybe he thought that sex sells. It probably does, but certainly not on this occasion. People all just walked by quickly. I guess noone wants to be caught while watching a bunch of giant genitalia. Although I’m pretty sure there are some people out there who get off on massive genitals. Good luck to them!  
Who wants this stuff in his home? Imagine inviting your friends over to check out the new artworks you bought and everybody just goes ‘mmm, interesting‘. They probably piss themselves laughing while driving home afterwards.

Wim Delvoye @ Art Brussels 2008
April 21, 2008, 12:23 pm
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Wim Delvoye took his personal take on the commercialisation of the art world one step further (some might say: too far) and opened a Wim Delvoye merchandise shop at Art Brussels. Ofcourse it’s all very tongue in cheek. One of the items on sale was a box which included an action figure of himself, one of his tattooed pigs and a miniature Cloaca machine. See promotional sticker below:

I find the “You can tell it’s not Mattel” quite funny. His recent work is full of references to logos of famous brands and icons in popular culture.  An adapted version of the Mr Proper figure (Now with bowels! Buy 2, get one free!) has been the symbol of his Cloaca machine for quite some time now and if you look closely you can see that the pig has Delvoye’s name in the Walt Disney font on it’s back (same initials, so easily adaptable).
He did a similar thing with the jigsaw puzzle – that was also on sale – were he changed the MB logo to WD. The puzzle is a typical Delvoye: it’s a toy for children, but he then fucks it up by putting the image of his  ‘Anal Kiss’ (1999) work on it. “Now children, be quiet and finish your Anal Kiss.”

I bought me a copy of the puzzle as it’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to a Wim Delvoye artwork.
There’s a nice selection of more of his work right HERE.

Desiree Dolron @ Art Brussels 2008
April 19, 2008, 3:23 pm
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I’m a afraid there’s more art coming up as I went to the Art Brussels fair today. I was blown away by the work of Dutch artist DESIREE DOLRON. Apparently already a houshold name in Holland and her work has already been purchased by the Guggenheim Museum (NY), the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam). This was the first time her work was on show in Belgium and the two photographs that were on show had already sold by Saturday. No big surprise as in my – not so humble opinion – they were the best artworks of the fair.
One of the works on show was ‘Xteriors XIII’ and is pictured below:

The above jpg image only gives you a small fraction of the entensity of the actual work. You HAVE to see it in real life. It’s baffling. The first thing that goes through your mind is “is that a paiting or a photograph?”. So everybody takes a step closer to check it out. It ís a photo, slightly manipulated in Photoshop and then printed on photo paper. The serinity and the enigma gives her images a semblance to the work of the Flemisch Primitives and Johannes Vermeer.
In case you want one in your home: I informed about the price of ‘Xteriors XIII’. Start saving as it was sold for 42.000 euro. Gulp!

Alexandra Crouwers
April 18, 2008, 3:03 pm
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I recently discovered the work of Alexandra Crouwers at no other place than the local branch of Urban Outfitters. They have 2 very large drawings of her up on the top floor. The biggest one is called Doom River/Nine Armed Bandit and is a whopping 2,4 by 1,8 meters large. See picture below.

Here’s more from the same series. This one’s called Black Matter/ Doom River:

Alexandra lives in Antwerp and is represented by the recently founded Base Alpha Gallery, which has quite a lot of new and upcoming artists. Not all of the work on Alexandra’s website is of the same quality but there’s a lot of potential there. Definitely someone to watch.