Weapon Of Beauty

May 16, 2008, 9:40 pm
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While writing about Dennis Tyfus I had to think of Zeloot again. Zeloot is a Dutch artist, who – along with Tyfus – is my favourite poster/flyer/cd-cover designer. Her work is full of creatures trampling eachother, escaping intestines, enormous tongues, deformed genitals, fingers in eyes and different body orifices, etcetera etcetera. So basically pretty much like your average Friday evening.
The good news ofcourse is that there’s always someone out there with a sicker mind than yours. Hooray!





I never liked neon until I met you
May 13, 2008, 6:58 pm
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Last week, Dennis Tyfus opened a new exhibition of his work at Stella Lohaus Gallery in Antwerp. It’s called “I never liked neon until I met you” and has a brilliant poster with a photo of the young Mr. Tyfus on it.

The exhibition has a bunch of tv’s that play animated drawings and 3 large fluo coloured canvasses with great drawings. One of them is really massive and I wonder how they’re gonna get it out of the room again.
They’re showing it in a 45 degree angle from the floor on the one end of the room to the ceiling on the other end of the room. It’s thàt big!
Here’s a detail from one of the works (they somehow managed to pick a part where no people are hurt in horrible ways, noone is having sex or people have horrible ugly diseases. Remarkable!):

So if you’re in or around Antwerp don’t miss this exhibition. You have until June 28th to visit ànd pick up your own free copy of the poster.