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Poni Hoax @ Recyclart
July 26, 2008, 1:21 pm
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Went to see Poni Hoax at the Recyclart (Brussels) yesterday and I must say they were really bloody amazing.
I already liked their new ‘Images Of Sigrid’ album (released by Tigersushi/Bang!/…), but they really excel at playing live. They had the whole place dancing, stagediving and just generally jumping around. And that for a band that play a sort of Italo Disco meets Joy Division meets LCD Soundsystem meets oh well whatever…
This was one of those gig that you remember for a long time after. Do go and see them if you get the chance!

I posted the video for the first single from ‘Images of Sigrid’ called ‘Antibodies’ and a live version of ‘Pretty Tall Girls’.
Do keep an eye on their excellent drummer and it’s also good to see that there’s still a future in rock ‘n roll when you’re balding (see singer extraordinaire Nicolas Ker).

Antibodies video

Pretty Tall Girls (live for ARTE)


You’ve got no soul!
July 17, 2008, 4:11 pm
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I bumped into an excellent new band from the UK called Exile Parade. Their first single is called “Fire Walk With Me” and if they can keep up the quality of this song, I tell thee: these guys will be bloody big!
There’s an official video for this song but I chose to post a video of them playing the song live in their rehearsal space.

Cardboard outfits rule this planet
July 11, 2008, 1:28 am
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Imagine: You organise a party with a few gigs and decide that the theme will be ‘cardboard’. Everybody who dresses up in a cardboard outfit will get in for free. All the other people have to pay.
You’d think that only a few people will be willing to loose their cool and will actually dress up. Well, you think wrong.
Last months’ 10 year anniversary party of the Scheld’apen club in Antwerp turned out to be a massive cardboard bonanza. About half of the people in attendance actually dressed up in cardboard. Some of them just put an empty box of cereals on their head, others built the most elaborate costumes which must have taken them many, many hours.
Here’s some photos of what must be a pyromaniac’s ultimate wet dream.

Dude dressed up in his magnified unemployment card. He could open it and all.
Right here he’s thinking: “Drinking beer is actually quite a lot of work, so should I put it on the card?”

Next one is a Hank Williams tune called “I shot my daddy”.

Ape says beer good! No discussion there I guess.

His head got stuck in the office shredder. He put the result to good use.

Wooooohooooo. Paaaaaaaaaaaartyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I wish I had come up with the ‘reindeer on the wall’ idea!

Dressed as a beer can (very cheap and shitty brand)!

And piece de resistance: the WTC towers (including planes!) Im’ sure they had a fight at home about who was the north tower.

How I made my millions
July 7, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Just wondering: we all know about fruit flavored condoms. But do you think there’s a market out there for condom flavored fruit??