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Nagi Noda has left the building
September 15, 2008, 1:44 pm
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Japanese underground artist Nagi Noda passed away last week. She was run over by a car some time ago and has now died from the complications of the accident.
She’s one of those artists you might not know by name, but whose work you most certainly have seen. She made videos for Scissor Sisters and Tiga (the one where the birds on the telephone wires mark the notes of the song), but also commercials for big brands like Coca Cola (the clone one with the Jack White music).
Here’s some images of her work and that great Coke commercial.


Coca cola ad


I’ll get me coat
September 11, 2008, 11:53 am
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Funny music usually isn’t funny for very long. You laugh at it once, but the next few times you hear the song the fun easily turns to annoyance (Bloodhound Gang anyone?).
The same thing goes for funny design items or funny furniture. The fun wears of pretty quickly. I think that the Mountain Coat Range pictured below is exception to this rule. Its design is understated enough to have a longlasting impact.
It’s made by Brave Space Design from excess walnut and maple wood from the other furniture they produce (which is also worth checking out, but quite pricey). The coat hanger retails at 195 dollar a pop (+ postage).

Little people are silently taking over our planet
September 9, 2008, 10:12 am
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Streat artist Slinkachu (I think he must have been into Pokémon when he chose his name) just released a book about his Little People project. For a couple of years now he’s been making absolutely tiny hand-painted figures and glueing them to the streets and buildings of London. He then takes some photos of them and leaves them be.
The scenes he creates often react with their environment, you might call them miniscule interventions. Sometimes they’re just funny, sometimes they also include some sort of social comment. A method of working we’ve seen before with the likes of Banksy (who just sprayed a bunch of new work in New Orleans. Check the outdoors section of banksy.co.uk for photos).
Anyways,  here’s a few examples of his work. Head over to http://little-people.blogspot.com for more photos or to purchase the book.

Office politics

They’re not pets, Susan.

Snail bus

British heroes

dEUS: the ideal demos
September 2, 2008, 12:03 am
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A true gem has surfaced today: a tape with 5 demos of tracks dEUS recorded during their Ideal Crash recording sessions in 1998. The person who released it out claims the tracks presumably come from a cassette tape that was found in an auctioned car radio. If this is true or not doesn’t really matter, the quality is excellent.
From the 5 songs on the tape only ‘Sam Peckinpah’s Daughter’ has been released before (as a b-side on the Instant Street CD single). A torrent is now up with the other four songs:
01. Instant Street -6:00- (demo)
02. Snuck Out -6:19- (later evolved into ‘Magdalena’)
03. Sixth & The Last -6:21- (later evolved into ‘One Advice, Space’)
04. Sister Dew -8:04- (demo)

As you can see all tracks clock in at a minimum of 6 minutes each, which gives you an idea of the epic proportions of these tracks. They are much more moody, experimental and raw than what ended up on the final album. I still think The Ideal crash is their finest work, and these tracks give you a great insight in the work in progress. Demos of ‘Everybody’s Weird’ and ‘Dream Sequence #1’ were already released as b-sides, it’s a mystery why this never happened with a track like ‘Sixth & The Last’ which is just pure genius. I guess they were probably saving it for the 20 year rerelease of the album (if the industry does it job well it will probably come out as seven multi-coloured 10 inches on heavy vinyl, put into a velvet lined box along with a 300 page booklet. First 100 copies will come with a chunk of the original zebra crossing from the album cover.)

Source: http://pocketrevolution.blogspot.com/

UPDATE: all 5 songs in MP3 format available here: http://deuspodcast.blogspot.com/

Veerle Beckers Canvascollectie exhibition
September 1, 2008, 12:00 pm
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The exhibition, which Veerle Beckers won when she participated in the ‘Canvascollectie’, opened last Friday. So if you’re in Antwerp do go and see it.  It’s at the KBC-tower in the middle of town and entrance is free. The exhibition runs until September 27th. It shows 22 of her paintings and drawings, including some very recent ones like ‘De Buurman’ (The Neighbour’):