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Questionable Content
October 30, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Although you might think that most of the posts on this blog can be labeled as questionable content, I use these two words as the title of this post as it’s about a comic called Questionable Content (QC). Written and drawn by Jeph Jacques, this online comic has drawn such a large group of devotees, he was able to quit his dayjob and work fulltime on the comic. He now even employs people to take care of all the QC-related merchandise he sells (Mostly t-shirts with slogans on them. You’ll like them if you still think it’s 1998).
The comic revolves around a group of friends who hang around or work at a coffee shop where verbally abusing the costumers is part of the attraction.

All the subjets from everyday life are there: love, sex, fights, akward situations, computers, music, Pizza Girl, clit piercings and iPods that can talk. All of which go down very well as Jacques is able to come up with a rather funny punch line most of the times (I said ‘most’ not ‘all’. Don’t send me complaint emails if you were not ROFL). The comic is also full of obscure cultural references and often makes fun of the habits of the indie music scene.
If you really want to be able to follow the ‘story’ you’ll need to start reading from the very beginning, which means you got work for  quite a few days as there’s more than 1260 comics already!
Here’s a few nice examples:
No. 1034
No. 1199
No. 1203
No. 1227
No. 1247
New comics every morning from Monday to Friday.


Jaime Hayon @ INTERIEUR 2008
October 26, 2008, 6:30 pm
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The Interieur 2008 design fair came to a close this weekend, but I want to make a post about this edition’s special guest anyway. Jaime Hayón is a Spanish designer who works on the edge of design and art and who’s know for his rather wacky creations
I was particularly charmed by the porcelain statues he made for a Spanish company called Lladró. They usually produce all those typical corny porcelain figures of sheperds, dogs, children and so on… that you might find on the mantelpiece at your granny’s place. Take a look at the stuff on their website and shiver. 
However, some enlightened mind at Lladró thought it would be a good idea to let Spain’s most avant-garde designer have a go at designing some stuff for them and bring the company into the 21st century (thus skipping the 20th century alltogether). I’m not fond of all the objects that are the result of this cooperation, but I think these two are spot on: ‘The Rocking Chicken Ride’ and my absolute favourite ‘The Family Portrait’. You can buy them online but be warned: they retail at € 630 and € 1300 respectively (although i’m sure they’ll be worth way more soon after production of them stops).


The Kings of Donkey Kong
October 22, 2008, 4:16 pm
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Belgian TV channel Canvas has a great program called ‘Virus‘ in which they preview new series, special documentaries, underground movies, etcetera. It’s a sort of lab to test new stuff and get some reactions. They never really advertise what they will show. It’s a sort of surprise/guerilla TV.

Last week they had a marvellous documentary called ‘The King of Kong – For a fistful of quarters’. It’s starting to be a sort of theme here on the blog, but it’s all about – wahey! – 1980ies computer games. The documentary follows the adventures of school teacher Steve Wiebe – all round good guy, humble, funny – in his quest to beat the longstanding (and regarded as unbeatable) high score of Billy Mitchell at Donkey Kong, pretty much the quintessential 1980ies arcade game. Billy Mitchell is a bit of a legend with a whole posse around him that adores him like a golden moneyshitting, err, donkey.
When Wiebe videotapes himself beating Mitchell’s high score and sends it to Twin Galaxies (the organisation which keeps track of all the high scores)  to get his high score recognised and added to the official high score table, some sort of Shakespearian saga ensues. Twin galaxies is closely linked with Mitchell and are reluctant to recognize the new score. So they use the lowest of tricks, cite rules which they break themselves a few hours later, dismantling Wiebe’s arcade machine, and so on. Fucking hilarious stuff and must-see TV. ‘The King of Kong’ is out now on DVD, don’t miss it.

Photo: Steve Wiebe (and son) at work

PS Don’t forget to enjoy Mitchell’s excellent mullet.

Mister Ministeck
October 2, 2008, 6:30 pm
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Does anyone remember Ministeck? Those little plastic rectangles and squares you had to pin into a plastic board in order to make an image. Do they even still produce them?
Anyway, I had completely forgotten about Ministeck, until last weekend – at the great Subotron shop in Vienna  – where I got to know the work of a certain Mister Ministeck. Just like his name just very slightly suggests Mister Ministeck makes his art from… tadaaah… Ministeck!

I must admit he’s pretty good. Some of the pictures here prove that. The 1980’s computer game aesthetics – see previous post – also seem to have been an inspiration for this guy. I found it quite funny that he’s selling ‘Do-It-Yourself’-kits on his website. Wasn’t that the whole point of Ministeck anyway??
I must have a look at my parent’s place where I left my Ministeck. Does anyone think there’s a market out there for Ministeck pornography? 

Space Invader building bridges in Vienna
October 2, 2008, 12:16 am
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Invader is invading your town. Since 1998 this Parisian artist has been putting up mosaics of 8-bit space invaders in more than 40 major cities all over the planet. His work is steadily growing into the most recognized street art next to Banksy.
I like the fact how he combines this ancient mosaic technique with the modern imagery of 1980’s computer games. He also tends to place large amounts of them all around the cities he visits, making it a true invasion by a buch of friendly aliens. Consider your town taken over and surrender.

During my recent trip to Vienna I was lucky enough to witness a brand new invasion he completed there about two weeks ago. After invading the city in 2006 with 52 small mosaics (nicely documented in an issue of the Betonblumen mag) he has now converted a whole bridge at the edge of the Museums Quartier into a massive space invasion mosaic. Niiiiice. I just wonder how long it’s gonna take before some half brain is gonna spray a tag on it. 

To top it all off the dude now even has a line of Invader shoes with a little invader on the side. But the best feature of the shoes is the ’01 point space invader’ figure on the sole. When coloured with the right marker you can start invading your own town, 1 point after another. What are you waiting for? 

And for those of you wondering: no, that’s not the gimp in that photo. The invader just wants to stay anonymous.