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Jane’s Addiction ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’ Box Set
February 28, 2009, 2:45 pm
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Continuing the box set theme: Rhino Records finally dropped the details on the soon to be released (and already many times postponed) Jane’s Addiction ‘A Cabinet of Curiosities’. 

While the first two discs are comprised mostly of previously unreleased demos and little-heard compilation tracks, the third disc is a complete Jane’s Addiction live concert recorded during the band’s three-night run at the Hollywood Palladium in December 1990.  The DVD
includes the rare VHS-only short film “Soul Kiss,” music videos and three unreleased live clips taped for MTV Italy in 1990.

Although the track list (see below) has a lot of ‘previously unreleased asterisks’, it is slightly disappointing. It’s basically full of live tracks and demos.  There are no real new songs and a lot of this stuff has been floating around the net for years. One can only hope that the demo’s are different enough from the album version to make this box set worth its $75 asking price. 

Apparently the packaging is a real wooden box (cabinet). Considering the fact that postal services are often unable to deliver a standard cd undamaged, I wonder in how many broken pieces this will arrive on your doorstep when you order this box set on-line…

Disc 1
“Jane Says” (Radio Tokyo Demo*)
“Pigs In Zen” (Radio Tokyo Demo)
“Mountain Song” (Radio Tokyo Demo)
“Had A Dad” (Radio Tokyo Demo)
“I Would For You” (Radio Tokyo Demo)
“Idiots Rule” (Demo*)
“Classic Girl” (Demo *)
“Up The Beach” (Demo*)
“Suffer Some” (Demo*)
“Thank You Boys” (Demo*)
“Summertime Rolls” (Demo*)
“City” (Demo*)
“Ocean Size” (Demo*)
“Stop!” (Demo*)
“Standing In The Shower…Thinking” (Demo*)
“Ain’t No Right” (Demo*)
“Three Days” (Demo*)

Disc 2
“Ted, Just Admit It…” (Demo*)
“Maceo” (Demo*)
“No One’s Leaving” (Demo*)
“My Time” (Rehearsal*)
“Been Caught Stealing” (12″ Remix Version)
“Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” (with Ice-T & Ernie-C)
“L.A. Medley: L.A. Woman/Nausea/Lexicon Devil” (Live 1989)
“Kettle Whistle” (Live 1987*)
“Whole Lotta Love” (Live 1987*)
“1970” (Live 1987*)
“Bobhaus” (Live 1989*)

Disc 3
“Drum Intro” (Live 1990*)
“Up The Beach” (Live 1990)
 “Whores” (Live 1990*)
“1%” (Live 1990*)
“No One’s Leaving” ‹ Live 1990)
 “Ain’t No Right” ‹ Live 1990*)
“Then She Did…” ‹ Live 1990*)
“Had A Dad” ‹ Live 1990*)
“Been Caught Stealing” (Live 1990*)
“Three Days” (Live 1990)
“Mountain Song” (Live 1990*)
“Stop!” (Live 1990)
“Summertime Rolls” (Live 1990*)
“Ocean Size” (Live 1990*)

Disc 4 (DVD)
Soul Kiss: The Fan’s Video
“Mountain Song” (Unedited Version)
“Had A Dad” (music video)
“Ocean Size” (music video)
“Stop!” (music video)
“Been Caught Stealing” (music video)
“Classic Girl” (music video)
“Ain’t No Right” (music video)
Live at the City Square, Milan, Italy (for MTV Italy) (10/11/90):
“Whores” *
“Then She Did…” *
“Three Days” *

* previously unreleased


Skullz part 1

Skullz galore! My favourite ones at the moment:

Pencil eraser skull.
For sale at the Printemps Design boutique @ Centre Pompidou.

Skull candle (black or white, different sizes)
For sale at Park, Vienna.

‘Keep The Flame Alive’ skull candle by Pointdextr.
For sale in different colours at Toykyo, Ghent .

The neon suicides
February 21, 2009, 5:29 pm
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Too much shopping?
The financial crisis?
Out of honey supplies?

Seen at Neubaugasse, Vienna.
Photo by miss k.

Aidan Moffat shows how to do it

With record companies complaining about the decline of CD sales there are musicians out there who know how to persuade their fans into buying the cd-version of their output.

Take Aidan Moffat (ex-Arab Strap) who just released a new solo album ‘How To Get To Heaven From Scotland’. The album is available as a ‘deluxe box set’ that really pushes the boat out and offers more in the way of content than most artists would provide over three seperate releases. 
This is what you get:
• Full enhanced CD version of the album.
• Full 12″ LP vinyl version of the album.
• An exclusive 5 track EP with alternate versions of album tracks + bonus track.
• An exclusive 7″ with covers of ‘I Got You Babe’ by Sonny & Cher and ‘Love Is Not A Game’ by Glen Campbell.
• A ‘How To Get To Heaven From Scotland’ board game with die and counters.
• A Valentine’s Card with envelope – individually numbered and signed by Aidan.

And they only ask £30 for it which – if my memory serves me right – is less than what Radiohead asked for their ‘In Rainbows’ box set.

And the artwork is super too (click the image for a better view). Look how they took the album cover and turned it into some sort of MB toy packaging. (Although we’ve seen that one before)

new TOYKYO website
February 3, 2009, 12:45 am
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TOYKYO is a great shop in Ghent that sells art prints, art books, spray cans, t-shirts, etcetera.  TOYKYO grew out of the ZetKa street art crew (Pointdextr, Kaiser, Bue, Fixit and Pest) who are responsible for the Kalashnikov carpet on top of this page.


TOYKYO also doubles as a creative studio and production company that pretty much designs everything you want to get designed.  For this work they use some of the best street and graffiti artists/designers/illustrators in the country (the ZetKa guys, Hell’O Monsters,…). They’ve done stuff for Mercedes, Hugo Boss, Nike, Culture Club, Disko Drunkards (the new cd artwork) and many many more. One of my favourites is the graphics they did for a Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume launch. The cassette tape wallpaper is just super. See pictures below. 


Photos from a great deal of their productions are now available on their brand new website toykyo.be. It’s a real treasure trove full of stuff you could blog about for weeks. Don’t worry, I won’t.  Check out this great site for yourself.
(Pity the web-shop is gone though.)