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Skullz part 2: Laura Keeble
March 23, 2009, 11:19 pm
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I recently bumped into the work of UK artist Laura Keeble (www.laurakeeble.com). She mainly does interventions around London where she adds things to a specific location to mock the location or what it stands for. Her modus operandi of bringing social commentary with the toungue firmy planted in cheek is very reminescent of Banksy’s work. Even her subjets are an exact Banksy copy:  consumerism, religian, the royal family, the art industry, …  So she doesn’t get much points for originality, but I really do like the work where she takes on Damien Hirst. A couple of years ago she made a replica of his famous diamond studded ‘For the love of God’-skull and at the end of the actual exhibition she put it- along with some trash – outside the Mason’s Yard premises of White Cube Gallery which had the real  skull on display.



Kati Heck debuts at Stella Lohaus Gallery
March 17, 2009, 10:02 pm
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On Thursday Kati Heck opens a not to be missed exhibition of new work at the Stella Lohaus Gallery in Antwerp. This is her first exhibition at Stella Lohaus since she left Annie Gentils Gallery last year. A move which was much talked about in the art scene. After all, Kati Heck is one of the leading Antwerp artists and one of the few Belgians (ok ok, she was born in Germany) of whom the Saatchi Gallery bought several works. 

The exhibition is called ‘Vier Leute Passen In Ein Taxi’  and the invitation has Heck with a green painted face lying on a mattress on a big heap of horseshit along with a enormous gherkin. Lovely!  

Here’s one of Heck’s recently finished paintings:pablos-damon-auf-harz-iv-2009
 Pablo’s Damon Auf Harz IV (2009)
The exhibition runs until May 2nd from Wednesday to Saturday between 14.00 and 18.00 at Stella Lohaus Gallery, Vlaamse Kaai 47, 2000 Antwerp.

March 4, 2009, 10:32 pm
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Remember these Bapesta sneakers? They just found their rivals.
These brand spanking new ‘MY41’ Puma’s  – designed by Yasuhuro Mihara (say thàt 10 times fast) –  are certainly as dazzling as the Bapesta sneakers.
And why do I suddenly feel a need for ice cream?


via: Knotoryus.com

The Hickey Underworld debut album

The Hickey Underworld won HUMO’s Rock Rally in 2006 but failed to reach a large audience afterwards. Few people were able to see the brilliance of their songs and it wasn’t until a few months ago – when THU released the more accessible ‘Future Words’ as a second single – that they got some decent airplay and a larger audience. Meanwhile I had the chance to see them live 19 times over the past 3 years and to me they are nothing short of the best live band in the country.

Anyways, a promo of the soon to be released, self-titled debut album  found it’s way into my paws and my god it IS good. I’m especially glad that for the most part they were able to capture the raw power that is THU live onto this album. Hats off to the Das Pop guys who produced the album.
My only disappointment is that ‘VRMNSMR’, the last song on the album and usually also the live set closer, has been cropped from a 10 minute behemoth to a 4 minute track. One can only hope they also release the full version as a b-side as it is one of the best songs ever written in this small country.

And do check out the excellent cover artwork (see top of this post) by Gerard Leysen, who if I’m not mistaken was also responsible for the great image that used to be the first THU website index page (see below).


The album is out March 8th on Naïve. Buy this puppy, you won’t regret it.

Track list:
1. Zero Hour 
2. Sick Of Boys 
3. Blonde Fire 
4. Zorayda 
5. Future Words 
6. Mystery Bruise 
7. Of Asteroids And Men 
8. Plus added Wizardry 
9. Blue World Order 
10. Flamencorpse 

The House That Hope Built
March 1, 2009, 7:53 pm
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When Future Of The Left come out of hibernation (it was a short one though, Welsh winters aren’t what they used to be) it’s always worth a post at Weapon Of Beauty. 

They just announced that their second studio album (but first one for 4AD) is almost finished and should be released late May/early June.
Expecting nothing else from Falco, the album will sport another bunch of excellent song titles: ‘arming eritrea’, ‘chin music’, ‘throwing bricks at trains’, ‘land of my formers’, ‘you need satan more than he needs you’, ‘that damned fly’, ‘stand by your manatee’, ‘yin/post-yin’, ‘drink nike’, ‘lapsed catholics’ and ‘i am civil service’.  

‘The hope that house built’ is the new single (see cover above) and physical copies of it will be out on March 14th. To prove that they really really love you, it will even have a b-side that is NOT a remix: ‘I have four names’.

Check the video here: