Weapon Of Beauty

Triangle Walks video
June 23, 2009, 7:37 pm
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Fever Ray have released the video for Triangle Walks, the third single to be taken from the debut album:.  The video was directed by Mikel Cee Karlsson and captures the eerie vibes of the Fever Ray concerts.  The man responsible for the look and feel of those concerts is Andreas Nilssons who also made the If I Had A Heart video.


an apple and a berry plant
comes with a house
on the grass
who is that
to come by my house

stands outside my window
sucking on the berries and
eats us out of house and home
keeping us awake
keeping us awake

can i come over, i need to rest
lay down for a while
the night was so long
the day even longer
lay down for a while

five AM
out again
triangle walks
magpies, i throw sticks at them
they laugh behind my back

getting a feeling
maybe i will dream again
having that feeling
when there’s no one awake
no no one awake

can i come over, i need to rest
lay down for a while
the night was so long
the day even longer
lay down for a while


Strategical tree planting
June 22, 2009, 2:06 pm
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Dutch artist Helmut Smits came up with a great idea to make our cities a bit nicer: plant a tree in front of a billboard. It’s such a simple yet perfect idea to get rid of this urban pest. It’s easy and cheap to do and billboard companies won’t remove the trees as they will think it’s council property. Perfect!







The Hickey’s new site is amazing
June 18, 2009, 12:11 pm
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I know I’ve been mentioning The Hickey Underworld A LOT on the blog, but that’s only because they really are the bee’s knees (yes, I have thing for outdated expressions). Their superb debut album is working towards an international release and can now be previewed in full on the Dutch VPRO listening post. Do check it out if you haven’t heard it/bought it yet.

The band also launched a new version of their website which is the hummingbird’s elbows. The flash animation is based on the fold out artwork by Gerard Leysen which was featured on the limited edition first pressing of the album. To find the info you have to navigate with a piramid around a world full of black magic, animal sex, mythical figures and of course nuns with knives. In other words: a typical day at the office.
If you visit the site for a quick check of  the news or the tour dates you’re pretty much fucked as you need some time and space to discover the location of said info. Other than that, this website is a feast.

Scene from the intro:

Scenes from the site itself: