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The Selby – arty voyeurism
September 29, 2009, 2:07 pm
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Is this the best photo of the year or what? (click to enlarge)

Poodle? Check!
Sneaker collection? Check!
PlayStation? Check!
What more can you ask for?

This photo comes from theselby.com a website that “features photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces.”
It’s basically some sort of voyeurism into the homes or offices of people who have a ‘creative job’ and where their home is some sort of extension of this job and everything that comes with it.
The interiours vary from the uber-uber-stylish to ‘OMG! A paint bomb just exploded in my flat’.
A welcoming change from the usual minimalist interiours you get in most interior design magazines.


Unlike.net city trip planner
September 24, 2009, 11:06 am
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The net is an unlimited source of information for those who like to plan their holiday trips in advance.  My favourite source at the moment is the Unlike.net site. They’re currently covering 11 cities worldwide ranging from the inevitable Paris, Barcelona and London to less evident cities like Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Vienna.

Each city has it’s own sub-site which is divided into sections like: Shop, Food, Art, Hotel, After Dark,… Each section holds a number of locations worth a visit, ranging from the inevitable tourist must-sees to the only-locals-know-this-one locations. Each location page includes a short discription, some photos, a map, opening hours and public transport info on how to get there.

You can mark the locations you like, so they get added to a tour which gets its own unique page and URL so you can share it with friends. On the top of the page you get an expandable map with the location of all the selected spots.

If, like me, you don’t want to buy and carry around Rough Guides and Other Lonely Planets for each place you visit, Unlike.net has a great solution: you can upload your tour to your mobile phone and discover the city from there on.
For the less mobile you can also save and print a pdf version of your tour.


As an example I’ve compiled a to-visit-list of Vienna with loads of Weapon of Beauty-certified spots: http://vienna.unlike.net/tours/165880 and this is the link to visit the same selection from your mobile phone: http://m.vienna.unlike.net/my_tour?phone_id=165880&commit=Show+tour

Fever Ray release covers 7″
September 16, 2009, 10:27 pm
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26If you’ve seen Fever Ray live over the past few months, you might have noticed that their set included 2 great non-album tracks. Both are actually covers:  ‘Stranger than Kindness’ by Nick Cave & Anita Lane and
‘Here Before’ by Vashti Bunyan.

Fever Ray have now recorded studio versions of both tracks.  In the olden days, they would have popped up as b-sides. Nowadays, it means that there will be a deluxe re-release of the album with an extra disc with these tracks (and some other extras) on it. Which is great news if you’ve already bought the album before. Not.

Anyways, in case you don’t want to buy the album again, they’ve also put them on a  limited edition (999 numbered copies) 7″ that you can buy in the Fever Ray web shop for £4.

If you haven’t seen Fever Ray live yet, you’ll have to hurry as they’ve just announced their very last tour dates.  They’re playing the US at the end of September and a small European tour that ends in the first week of December.

Mogwai’s rippin’ Soulsavers remix

soulsavers_brokenMark Lanegan fans no doubt already bought ‘Broken’, the new Soulsavers CD (released mid August). Second track on that album is ‘Death Bells’ featuring Lanegan and Gibby Haynes (Butthole Surfers) on vocals.

Mogwai have now remixed ‘Death Bells’ and in my opinion the remix just blows away the original. They’ve left the structure and vocals of the original, but added loads of their trademark feedback and wall of noise, which transform the song in to one heavy thundering freight train coming your way.
And do check out that earth scorching guitar 3 minutes in. Pure fucking bliss!
The track was released as a free MP3 , so feel free to download it here, possums. Essential listening fodder, I tell ya.