Weapon Of Beauty

New arty album art

I was glad to find out that the cover of the new Mintzkov album was done by German (but now residing in Antwerp) artist Kati Heck. She’s one of my favourite artists and this cover includes a lot of her trademarks. No sausages though this time, but hey we got a kittie!

Admiral Freebee released some more visuals from his upcoming new album ‘The Honey & The Knife”, including the final album cover, a single cover and some new photos. Like mentioned before, all the artwork was done by the great Ed Templeton.
Just wondering: is he hinting at a split personality in the photographs?

Finally, we also got the cover of the Roadburg album. No idea who the artist is, but it looks a bit like a scene from this video. Can anyone see if Robyn is under there somewhere?