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Brighten up your home
March 15, 2010, 6:04 pm
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Spring starts next week, so maybe it’s time to brighten up your home. I bumped into these 2 nice and brightly coloured home interior items and thought I’d share them. 

Coloured wooden spoke clock designed by Jon Almond for Habitat. The spokes of this wall clock increase in length with each hour. Get one for 50 euro at Habitat.

Two aluminium and steel multicoloured pendant lamps, designed by Fredrik Mattson for Zero.  The designer’s own words: “The traditional archetype of a lamp form is sliced up and transformed into rings. The PXL lamps resemble a bit of a 3-D ‘low-resolution object’ with its pixel and edgy character.” They somehow remind me of Lego as well. And I think the first one is the nicest one. Get them for about 800 euro at www.zero.se.


Poni Hoax – Bankers
March 14, 2010, 1:16 am
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France’s best kept secret Poni Hoax have just finished their third album. Anticipation is high after the excellent ‘Images Of Sigrid’ album and the scorching gigs they played promoting it. Title or release date of their newest effort are still unknown at this point. But I managed to get my paws on an MP3 of ‘Bankers’, the track that is most likely to be the first single. Mustang and Renaissance Man have cooked up some remixes for the single, but I’m exclusively offering you the original version of ‘Bankers’ right here.

To give you an idea of their live power I’m also throwing in this live video of ‘Pretty Tall Girls’ off the ‘Images Of Sigrid’ album as a little bonus. Enjoy.

Eat Lions update
March 5, 2010, 5:46 pm
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A little update on our previous the Eat Lions post in which we voiced some concerns about the level of Tim Vanhamel’s involvement in the creation of the songs. It has now come to our attention that Tim Vanhamel actually did write all the Eat Lions songs from the first note to the last. Now that’s settled, we hereby have to revoke the earlier awarded ‘2010 Benefit Of The Doubt’ award.

Because we don’t want Eat Lions to start the year empty handed, we hereby award them the well deserved ‘2010 Band Photo Of The Year’ award for this shot:

In the meantime, Eat Lions annouced a gig on march 19th at the invitation only Vice Kills party in Antwerp. Sadly all available tickets are already gone, so it seems like we’ll have to wait for the actual tour to check out the new material.
First dates are here:
12 Mar 2010: De Zwerver, Leffinge
19 Mar 2010: Kissinger, Antwerpen
24 Mar 2010: Hungaria, Leuven
1 Apr 2010: Boesjkammeree, Mechelen
2 Apr 2010: DNA, Brussel
3 Apr 2010: De Kreun, Kortrijk
24 Apr 2010: Knoet, Aarschot
27 Apr 2010: Stuk, Leuven

PS Apparently there’s also try-out gig at the Charlatan in Ghent tonight (05/03/2010).