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All shoes should look like this
October 25, 2010, 7:20 pm
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[Onitsuka Tiger Procourt AR]

[first shoes with QR code?]


The Hickey Underworld’s ‘Indianen’ is Song Of The Year
October 14, 2010, 12:05 pm
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HUMO magazine commissioned a second Turalura cd, for which rock bands were asked to record a cover of a song by Belgian crooner Will Tura. These kind of albums are often a bit of hit and miss and many covers fail to reach the quality of the originals. But the quality of this album is pretty decent, there’s only a few tracks that require us of the skip button. And in this case it’s not hard to surpass the quality of the originals either. The album has contributions of Mauro Pawlowski, Mintzkov, The Van Jets, Arid, Arno, Triggerfinger, Daan, etcetera.

But the main reason why you should buy this album is the track recorded by The Hickey Underworld. I’ve mentioned before that The Hickey Underworld are the best thing to come out of Belgium since dEUS (and considering the quality of bands we’ve had in Belgium in the past 15 years, that’s quite something) and with this track they once again prove why.

They chose to cover an obscure track called ‘Indianen’ (translation: red indians). Music and lyrics were originally written for Tura by Jean Kluger. It’s quite a strange song with absurd lyrics. They Hickeys made a rollercoaster of a song out of it with maximal use of tempo and pitch changes.  The lyrics are in Dutch but don’t let this hold you back. When singer Younes starts screaming about “Cowboooooooys” you’ll know we have a winner. Best song of the year. Really. One can only hope the song gets added to their live set soon.

You can check out the song in full in the The Hickey Underworld Facebook page media player.

PS Just so you know:  The Hickey Underworld are currently recording their second album.