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Marvellous Jean-Michel Basquiat portraits
August 18, 2011, 1:19 pm
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After watching the great  ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat The Radiant Child‘ documentary, I stumbled upon 3 absolutely great photos of Basquiat, which I wanted to share. All photos turned out to be the work of the same photographer, Lizzie Himmel.

The first time she photographed him was with Andy Warhol (pictured below).

The second time he was alone in his Lafayette Street studio. This particular shoot was for the cover of the New York Times Magazine. The year was 1985 and he was at the height of his career and unfortunately the height of his drug use.

There’s a very particular reason why he’s not wearing any shoes.  When Himmel arrived at his studio he was asleep in bed with his girlfriend. Having to also photograph Keith Haring that same day she had no time to waste. With the help of Basquiat’s assistant they got him up, but he was too stoned to function. He kept nodding off so they had no choice, but to dress him. After getting the suit on, Lizzie decided that she had enough of dressing him so she left the shoes off. Three years later he would be dead from a heroin overdose at the age of 27.  (story via brooklynmast.com)

And another great studio shot: