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All shoes should look like this
October 25, 2010, 7:20 pm
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[Onitsuka Tiger Procourt AR]

[first shoes with QR code?]


Grape Nike Zoom Blazers
July 27, 2009, 10:31 pm
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Found this little beauty at a Brussels vintage shop last weekend. Dead cheap. Guess because they’re from 2007, so not really vintage. I hope the missus fits in them as she wasn’t with me and they’re half a size off. Oh well, nothing a little surgery can’t fix. After all remember what the Chinese were able to achieve.
Anyways, they’re Nike Zoom Blazers retro style with black suede and grape shoelaces, swoosh and sole. They’re inspired by the basketball shoe legend Blazer from the early 1970s. The Blazer was Nike’s first basketball shoe with such a huge Swoosh, so really everyone could see it.
This is about as good as a woman sneakers can get. Perfect I tell ya!

Space Invader building bridges in Vienna
October 2, 2008, 12:16 am
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Invader is invading your town. Since 1998 this Parisian artist has been putting up mosaics of 8-bit space invaders in more than 40 major cities all over the planet. His work is steadily growing into the most recognized street art next to Banksy.
I like the fact how he combines this ancient mosaic technique with the modern imagery of 1980’s computer games. He also tends to place large amounts of them all around the cities he visits, making it a true invasion by a buch of friendly aliens. Consider your town taken over and surrender.

During my recent trip to Vienna I was lucky enough to witness a brand new invasion he completed there about two weeks ago. After invading the city in 2006 with 52 small mosaics (nicely documented in an issue of the Betonblumen mag) he has now converted a whole bridge at the edge of the Museums Quartier into a massive space invasion mosaic. Niiiiice. I just wonder how long it’s gonna take before some half brain is gonna spray a tag on it. 

To top it all off the dude now even has a line of Invader shoes with a little invader on the side. But the best feature of the shoes is the ’01 point space invader’ figure on the sole. When coloured with the right marker you can start invading your own town, 1 point after another. What are you waiting for? 

And for those of you wondering: no, that’s not the gimp in that photo. The invader just wants to stay anonymous.

Cardboard outfits rule this planet
July 11, 2008, 1:28 am
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Imagine: You organise a party with a few gigs and decide that the theme will be ‘cardboard’. Everybody who dresses up in a cardboard outfit will get in for free. All the other people have to pay.
You’d think that only a few people will be willing to loose their cool and will actually dress up. Well, you think wrong.
Last months’ 10 year anniversary party of the Scheld’apen club in Antwerp turned out to be a massive cardboard bonanza. About half of the people in attendance actually dressed up in cardboard. Some of them just put an empty box of cereals on their head, others built the most elaborate costumes which must have taken them many, many hours.
Here’s some photos of what must be a pyromaniac’s ultimate wet dream.

Dude dressed up in his magnified unemployment card. He could open it and all.
Right here he’s thinking: “Drinking beer is actually quite a lot of work, so should I put it on the card?”

Next one is a Hank Williams tune called “I shot my daddy”.

Ape says beer good! No discussion there I guess.

His head got stuck in the office shredder. He put the result to good use.

Wooooohooooo. Paaaaaaaaaaaartyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I wish I had come up with the ‘reindeer on the wall’ idea!

Dressed as a beer can (very cheap and shitty brand)!

And piece de resistance: the WTC towers (including planes!) Im’ sure they had a fight at home about who was the north tower.

Atelier Elf
June 22, 2008, 2:52 pm
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Atelier Elf is a small collective of jewellery designers based in Antwerp. Although I don’t wear any jewellery myself nor do I have a pierced elbow, lung or other body part, these guys caught my eye because their work it’s so off the beaten path. It comes with a big wink and the tongue firmly placed in the cheek.

Every year they produce a two women and two men collections, with each collection based around a theme. What makes their stuff so much fun is partly because of the materials they use like a smashed Matchbox car or crown cap, a wrench, road map, TV test pattern, guns, buffalo, the USB logo, recycled printed circuit boards, and so on. Great stuff.

The only problem I have is, I can perfectly understand the rings and the key hangers, but does anyone know any guys who wear these kind of necklaces or bracelets? And no: all of your gay buddies – the ones you secretly meet in the park for a quickie before you go home to your wife and children – don’t count.  So surprise me. Hit the ‘About’ button and send in your pictures.

Bonkers BapeSta shoes
June 11, 2008, 11:00 am
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If you want to look as if Roy Lichtenstein puked all over your shoes, this is the way to go: