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The Selby – arty voyeurism
September 29, 2009, 2:07 pm
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Is this the best photo of the year or what? (click to enlarge)

Poodle? Check!
Sneaker collection? Check!
PlayStation? Check!
What more can you ask for?

This photo comes from theselby.com a website that “features photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces.”
It’s basically some sort of voyeurism into the homes or offices of people who have a ‘creative job’ and where their home is some sort of extension of this job and everything that comes with it.
The interiours vary from the uber-uber-stylish to ‘OMG! A paint bomb just exploded in my flat’.
A welcoming change from the usual minimalist interiours you get in most interior design magazines.


Unlike.net city trip planner
September 24, 2009, 11:06 am
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The net is an unlimited source of information for those who like to plan their holiday trips in advance.  My favourite source at the moment is the Unlike.net site. They’re currently covering 11 cities worldwide ranging from the inevitable Paris, Barcelona and London to less evident cities like Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Vienna.

Each city has it’s own sub-site which is divided into sections like: Shop, Food, Art, Hotel, After Dark,… Each section holds a number of locations worth a visit, ranging from the inevitable tourist must-sees to the only-locals-know-this-one locations. Each location page includes a short discription, some photos, a map, opening hours and public transport info on how to get there.

You can mark the locations you like, so they get added to a tour which gets its own unique page and URL so you can share it with friends. On the top of the page you get an expandable map with the location of all the selected spots.

If, like me, you don’t want to buy and carry around Rough Guides and Other Lonely Planets for each place you visit, Unlike.net has a great solution: you can upload your tour to your mobile phone and discover the city from there on.
For the less mobile you can also save and print a pdf version of your tour.


As an example I’ve compiled a to-visit-list of Vienna with loads of Weapon of Beauty-certified spots: http://vienna.unlike.net/tours/165880 and this is the link to visit the same selection from your mobile phone: http://m.vienna.unlike.net/my_tour?phone_id=165880&commit=Show+tour

new TOYKYO website
February 3, 2009, 12:45 am
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TOYKYO is a great shop in Ghent that sells art prints, art books, spray cans, t-shirts, etcetera.  TOYKYO grew out of the ZetKa street art crew (Pointdextr, Kaiser, Bue, Fixit and Pest) who are responsible for the Kalashnikov carpet on top of this page.


TOYKYO also doubles as a creative studio and production company that pretty much designs everything you want to get designed.  For this work they use some of the best street and graffiti artists/designers/illustrators in the country (the ZetKa guys, Hell’O Monsters,…). They’ve done stuff for Mercedes, Hugo Boss, Nike, Culture Club, Disko Drunkards (the new cd artwork) and many many more. One of my favourites is the graphics they did for a Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume launch. The cassette tape wallpaper is just super. See pictures below. 


Photos from a great deal of their productions are now available on their brand new website toykyo.be. It’s a real treasure trove full of stuff you could blog about for weeks. Don’t worry, I won’t.  Check out this great site for yourself.
(Pity the web-shop is gone though.)

Pepsi Max’s Suicide Calories

Pepsi’s German advertising company made a fantastic ad campaign for Pepsi Max (= The equivalent of Coca Cola Light. They have in common that they both only hold one calorie and both taste like reindeer piss).  To accentuate the fact that the drink only holds one calorie, they made three drawings of that very very very lonely calorie. It tries to kill itself in a multitude of ways, reminiscent of the Suicide Bunnies. Great idea and very well executed (pun not intended, but hey…).
Apparently there’s a bunch of people who are outraged by these ads, as they think suicide is not something you make fun off, completely missing the fact that humor is indeed very often about those things that are considered taboo  (death, religion, sex,…). If you can’t handle that, just ignore these jokes and carry on knitting that reindeer jumper you started last week. Or look up the term ‘black humor‘.
Personally I think that people who have the time and feel the urgency to complain about these drawings, are miserable bastards with a complete lack of humor (those humor sensative braincells were probably killed off that time they put their head in the gas oven for just that little bit too long) should either lighten up or just, err well, kill themselves.
But remember kids, suicide isn’t painless, it hurts like hell.




[PS. What’s up with all these reindeer anyway? Is my mind being corrupted by Xmas imagery?]

Questionable Content
October 30, 2008, 5:27 pm
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Although you might think that most of the posts on this blog can be labeled as questionable content, I use these two words as the title of this post as it’s about a comic called Questionable Content (QC). Written and drawn by Jeph Jacques, this online comic has drawn such a large group of devotees, he was able to quit his dayjob and work fulltime on the comic. He now even employs people to take care of all the QC-related merchandise he sells (Mostly t-shirts with slogans on them. You’ll like them if you still think it’s 1998).
The comic revolves around a group of friends who hang around or work at a coffee shop where verbally abusing the costumers is part of the attraction.

All the subjets from everyday life are there: love, sex, fights, akward situations, computers, music, Pizza Girl, clit piercings and iPods that can talk. All of which go down very well as Jacques is able to come up with a rather funny punch line most of the times (I said ‘most’ not ‘all’. Don’t send me complaint emails if you were not ROFL). The comic is also full of obscure cultural references and often makes fun of the habits of the indie music scene.
If you really want to be able to follow the ‘story’ you’ll need to start reading from the very beginning, which means you got work for  quite a few days as there’s more than 1260 comics already!
Here’s a few nice examples:
No. 1034
No. 1199
No. 1203
No. 1227
No. 1247
New comics every morning from Monday to Friday.