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Art Brussels 2012

As usual Art Brussels was a visual overdose, but there’s always a few works that keep lingering in your mind. Natural selection, I suppose.

Here’s a few likes: (click for larger images)

Michiels Ceulers ‘Sexuelle Selektion und elterliche Fürsorge’ (2009) at Juliette Jongma, Amsterdam
Ceulers seems to be doing really well. He’s now represented by galleries in Antwerp, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, New York and Los Angeles.

Benjamin Verdonck with a solo show at Galerie Folrent Tosin (Berlin)

…and also a similar Verdonck totem at Tim van Laere Gallery (Antwerp)

Kati Heck at Tim van Laere gallery

Bénédicte Henderick at Triangle Blue gallery (Stavelot) (the booth also had some nice Mil Ceulemans work)

a bit of fun by Micha Payer + Martin Gabriel at Christine König Galerie (Vienna)

Really liked Ivan Argote’s  ‘All My Girlfriends’ (2007-2009) which shows him taking phonecam shots with random billboard girls as his girlfriend.

Folkert de Jong with his take on Mondriaan’s ‘Boogie Woogie’

I have a soft spot for Barry McGee.

Trend: a bunch of London galleries with very similar Damien Hirst produce. Which was very ‘yawn’. So NO pictures. You know them, you’ve seen them, you’ve said ‘Meh’.


New arty album art

I was glad to find out that the cover of the new Mintzkov album was done by German (but now residing in Antwerp) artist Kati Heck. She’s one of my favourite artists and this cover includes a lot of her trademarks. No sausages though this time, but hey we got a kittie!

Admiral Freebee released some more visuals from his upcoming new album ‘The Honey & The Knife”, including the final album cover, a single cover and some new photos. Like mentioned before, all the artwork was done by the great Ed Templeton.
Just wondering: is he hinting at a split personality in the photographs?

Finally, we also got the cover of the Roadburg album. No idea who the artist is, but it looks a bit like a scene from this video. Can anyone see if Robyn is under there somewhere?

Kati Heck debuts at Stella Lohaus Gallery
March 17, 2009, 10:02 pm
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On Thursday Kati Heck opens a not to be missed exhibition of new work at the Stella Lohaus Gallery in Antwerp. This is her first exhibition at Stella Lohaus since she left Annie Gentils Gallery last year. A move which was much talked about in the art scene. After all, Kati Heck is one of the leading Antwerp artists and one of the few Belgians (ok ok, she was born in Germany) of whom the Saatchi Gallery bought several works. 

The exhibition is called ‘Vier Leute Passen In Ein Taxi’  and the invitation has Heck with a green painted face lying on a mattress on a big heap of horseshit along with a enormous gherkin. Lovely!  

Here’s one of Heck’s recently finished paintings:pablos-damon-auf-harz-iv-2009
 Pablo’s Damon Auf Harz IV (2009)
The exhibition runs until May 2nd from Wednesday to Saturday between 14.00 and 18.00 at Stella Lohaus Gallery, Vlaamse Kaai 47, 2000 Antwerp.

You know you want it: Sarah magazine

Possums, quit shagging that reindeer and just for once do something good with your life: buy Sarah magazine.
Sarah was born almost deaf and recently got a Cochlear implant in her right ear. The second implant, in her left ear (hey, it was the only one left, she’s no 5-eared freak or so), has been scheduled for 2009, but since medical insurance will only cover the first operation, she’ll have to pay the full 25.000 euro bill all by herself. To help her out, 100 artists from around the world were asked to make an illustration for a publication called Sarah magazine. All profits of the magazine go to Sarah’s operation.


Sarah Magazine costs 15 euro (worldwide postage included) and is a 96-page black/magenta/white A5 publication on recycled paper with full-colour cover and a  limited edition of 1000 copies. You can order it at: sarah_magazine@hotmail.com 

(Wow! I didn’t realise that there were still people using Hotmail! It’s as if Gmail never happened. New Hotmail addresses are like baby-dinosaurs: very cute but so very 2002.)

Anyways, the Sarah magazine participants are Apetown (BE), Astrid Yskout (BE), Atsuko Ishii (JP), Babs Decruyenaere (BE), Bam Bam Ink (AR), Bert Lezy (BE), Bfree (NL), Bitches In Control (NL), Boris Servais (BE), Brecht Vandenbroucke (BE), Brendan Monroe (US), Bruno Savona (IT), Büro/Atelier (NL), Carakter Atypik (FR), Craig Atkinson (UK), Danielle Lemaire (BE), Daxodiva (DE), De Klup (BE), Dennis Tyfus (BE), Duudle (DK), Elisabeth Noels (BE), Ephameron (BE), Evah Fan (US), Eyeformation (US), Fanny Garcia (FR), Federica Ubaldo (IT), Fichtre (CH), Francesca Iurilli (CH), Gemma Correll (UK), Guillaume Jolly (FR), Havec (FR), herr sommerferien (BE), Inge Cornil (BE), Izja Rutten (BE), Jack Usine (FR), Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen (BE), Jiem (FR), John Bobaxx (FR), Julien Kedryna (FR), K (FR), Kati Heck (BE), Kiki (NL), Korneel Detailleur (BE), Kris Delacourt (BE), Lamelos (NL), Leen Van Hulst (BE), Lennard Schuurmans (NL), Lieven Segers (BE), LLCoolJo (FR), Logan Hicks (US), Louis Reith (NL), Luke Ramsey (CA), M!CH Decruyenaere (BE), Marcus Oakley (UK), Marie Rosen (BE), Marilou (FR), Matthew Feyld (CA), Max-o-matic (AR), Mehdi (FR), Mentary (CH), Michèle Matyn (BE), Mike Swaney (CA), Miruki Tusko (BE), Miss Lotion (DK), Morcky (IT), Nazario Graziano (IT), Neasden Control Centre (UK), N’Roll (FR), Oles (NL), Pacolli (BR), Philip Paquet (BE), Pinda! (BE), Prutpuss (BE), Rachel Agnew (BE), Rim (BR), Robert Rebotti (IT), Sarah Vanbelle (BE), Sebastiaan Van Doninck (BE), Seldon Hunt(AU), Sighn (US), Specio (FR), Sumo (LU), Swoon (US), Tastest (CH), Thomas Mazzarella (BE), Tina Scott (DE), Tom Gauld (UK), Tommi Musturi (FI), Tony Papin (FR), Vaast Colson (BE), Ward Zwart (BE), Wayne Horse (DE), Yoko Nono (FR), ZBK (PL) and Zeroten (UK)…





More info at www.myspace.com/sarah_magazine
Go and order it, you know you want it.

Victim Design

Another group show opened on Thursday (with a lot of Glühwein and Cara Pils) at the Martin Van Blerk Gallery, Mechelsesteenweg 26, Antwerp. Almost 50 artists were asked to work around the theme ‘Victim Design’. Participants – here comes the ‘usual suspects’ line again- include Alexandra Crouwers, Kevin Apetown, Vaast Colson, Koen Boyden, Kati Heck, Danny Devos, and many many more.
All works have been crammed into every corner of the tiny gallery causing a complete and utter sensory overload.

One of my favourite works was the red spray can which was completely emptied on the wall by Lieven Segers.

One of the works is even outside: if you’re lucky you can hear Dennis Tyfus yell at you from the basement opening outside the gallery.

The Gallery is only open on Saturday afternoons. 

All photos by Trendbeheer.com and Victim Design.

A Meeting Between The Tragic And Funny
December 5, 2008, 11:52 pm
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There’s two interesting group exhibitions going on right now in Antwerp that both deserve a mention here.
First up is A Meeting Between The Tragic And Funny at the Antwerp Hessenhuis museum. Curated by Lieven Segers it hosts work by usual supects like Vaast Colson, Dennis Tyfus, Kati Heck, Fred Bervoets, Erik Van Lieshout,…  
A more unusual name is Daniel Johnston, the American musician, whose drawings you might know from thàt t-shirt that Kurt Cobain wore. He made some fun drawings on one of the walls and collaborated with Canvas Collectie winner Michèle Matyn to add his drawings to her photos. The tragic life story of the manic depressic Jonhston fits right into the subject of the exhibition: art that walks the fine line between tragic and funny. Don’t miss this one if you’re in Antwerp.
All photos courtesy of Lieven Segers.