Weapon Of Beauty

Tim Vanhamel + Philip Metten = Powerhouse

In 1963 Fluxus artist Robert Filliou declared his birthday as the official birthday of the ‘arts’. This statement made in a Parisian bar led to a whole sling of “Art’s Birthday” parties worldwide.  Next Sunday the  17th the M_HKA museum in Antwerp is also hosting a party.

What interests me most is a rare musical/visual performance by Philip Metten. He usually asks a muscisian to perform into an environment and costume that he created especially for the occasion.

This time Tim Vanhamel (Evil Superstars, Millionaire, dEUS…) will do a performance in a sound costume with imbedded electronic pads and neon lights. This is third time they work together, after earlier performances at Art Brussels in 2008 and last November at the opening night of an exhibition with Belgian art in a New York gallery.

This is not the first time Metten merges his visuals with music. Before collaborating with Vanhamel he did several performances with Quasar Noise Lab (feat.  Aldo Struyf and Dave Schroyen (both from Millionaire & Creature Withe The Atom Brain)) and even released a 7 inch single. See some old visuals below